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Thinking about investing in property? Here's what you need to know...

Why Property?
The Benefits
Things to Consider
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There are numerous reasons to consider investing in property. With carefully selected properties, investors can benefit from predictable cash flow, strong returns and diversification. On top of that, it’s also possible to leverage property in order to build wealth.

Property as an asset class is unique because it allows investors to make money in several different ways. Including:

  • Monthly cash flow
  • Capital appreciation
  • Business activities that depend on the property– for example, operating the property as a holiday let or serviced apartment

Monthly Cash Flow

The net rental income after deductions such as mortgage payments and operational expenses such as service charge, insurance and ground rent.


Property markets, in general, are more stable than stock markets The addition of property to a wider investment portfolio can reduce portfolio volatility and strengthen risk-return.

Capital Appreciation

In general, property values increase over time. With a smart investment, you can turn a healthy profit when it’s time to sell.

Tax Advantages

In most cases, the costs of owning, operating and managing a property are tax-deductable, helping to save money when the time comes to pay tax.


Leverage is the use of borrowed capital to increase your return. For example, a 25% deposit can secure 100% of the property you wish to purchase.

That said, despite the many benefits of investing in property, there are some essential things you must consider before making your investment.

It’s important to note the potential lack of liquidity. Unlike stock or bond transactions, which can be completed in seconds, property deals take longer to complete, making it more difficult to access your capital quickly.

Carefully selected properties are central to successful property investment. It’s vital to do your research and seek independent financial advice before putting any money down. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable agency with partnerships with reliable vendors that have proven track records.

Property is a unique asset class that is relatively simple to understand and can enhance the risk-return profile of your portfolio.

When investing in property you have the opportunity to benefit from monthly cash flow, capital appreciation, leverage, diversification, tax advantages and protection against inflation.

A considered approach is vital to any investment strategy and choosing the right property is at the heart of effective property investment. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more about our properties.

A better way to Buy-to-Let:

Property investment tailored to you

Invest in Buy-to-Let Property with MPP

We connect property investors to trusted developers and investment opportunities in areas that have exceptional growth and will deliver high returns. 

  • Off-plan opportunities with reputable developers
  • Up to 11% returns from as little as £57,500
  • Invest in major UK cities
  • High forecasted growth properties in the North West of England
  • A great network: We source exclusive and tailored properties
The Bath House, Ystrad Mynach

Current Opportunities

A proven track record of high return. The properties that we have sourced have provided our clients with assets that generate a high return on investment. Current opportunities available:

  • 10% expected yields in Liverpool
  • Invest from £57,500 in Bradford
  • 11% net yield in South Wales – deposits protected
  • Discounted properties available in York
  • Midlands opportunity with 8% yield from £99,000


Our Process

Personalised one-to-one investment advice tailored to suit your long-term financial goals. Call 0161 359 4305 today.


Initial Consultation

One-to-one appointment to define your goals

Property Identification

Carefully selected property recommendations

Guided Investment

Close assistance from reservation to completion

After Sales Care

Continued support for the duration of your investment

Featured Properties

Take a look at some of the best UK property investments we have to offer

No.1 Hatton Garden


Prices From:    £99,000     Yield:  10%



Prices From:    £246,000     Yield:  8%

The Exchange


Prices From:    £124,401     Yield:  6%